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Fuzzy Two Tone Scarf
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Fuzzy Two Tone Scarf

by Linda

That fuzzy, funky yarn has always appealed to me, but I''m not crazy about cozying up to one hundred percent polyester or some other man made fibre. So when I found a nice cotton blend...

I couldn''t help myself! :)

  • 150 metres (170 yards) of fuzzy chunky weight yarn (about 13 sts per 4 in / 10 cm) - I used Boogie in berry and grape
  • pair of 5.5 mm needles
  • gauge is about 14 sts per 4 in / 10 cm, though it''s not crucial
  • finished size is about 7.5 in by 36 in (20 cm by 90 cm)

[Fuzzy Two Tone Scarf]

  1. Cast on 13 sts with colour A, then 13 sts with colour B, turn.
  2. Knit 13 sts with colour B, then, take the hanging strand of colour A between the needles to the back of the work, then being sure to pick up colour A from underneath colour B, knit 13 sts with colour A, turn.
    Note: You must be sure you get this part right. If you don''t pick up the new colour from underneat the old at every colour change, you''ll end up knitting two skinny strips right beside each other at the same time!
  3. Continue knitting every row, changing colours half way across in order to match the colour on the previous row, til you''re almost out of at least one colour of yarn (about 1.5 feet left / 45 cm left).
  4. Cast off the first 13 sts in the approriate colour, then the last 13 sts.
  5. Work in the ends (easy to hide them with this type of yarn) and you''re done.
  • You will probably find it handy when turning at the end of a row, to flip the yarn waiting at the middle, up and over your work towards the back, in order to more easily move it between the needles and up under the yarn that will be dropped there.
  • Garter stitch is great for these types of yarn, any textured yarn usually looks better on the purl side, so garter is the best compromise. Prevents curling, too.
  • You can of course use a smooth yarn, a ribbon yarn, or whatever you like to make a 2 (or more!) tone scarf, as long as you remember to change colours correctly (as described in step 2 above).
  • Another variation is to knit the scarf from along the long edge. Just keep knitting one colour until you run out, then start knitting with the next. This can be unpredictable unless you take the time to check how much yarn you need to make it across one of these long rows. If you don''t mind changing colours midway across a row, this doesn''t matter, of course.
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